Mara Llyr

A Human Skald and Privateer


Physical Appearance:
Naturally light hair with blue eyes and dark eyebrows and eyelashes. She wears dark red lipstick and a matching red scarf headband. Her outfit includes a long military jacket, with a loose white shirt, plain brown pants, a black knee high boots.

Primary Equipment:

  • +1 Harmonic Songblade Rapier
  • +1 Skald’s Armor
  • +1 Amulet of Protection
  • Ring of Waterbreathing (out of magical charges)

Please excuse the incredibly ROUGH draft.

Mara was born to Ondine Llyr, Captain of Valkur’s Strike, the 1st Heart of The Blue Ring. The first of three daughters, Mara was raised from the beginning to take her mothers place as captain of The Strike.

4 years after Mara’s birth, Ondine broke up a slave trade ring run by the Bronze Market that had been operating just outside of Luskan. A young, scarred, goliath orphan who did not know his own name was one of many freed. Ondine adopted him as her own, and brought him back to The Strike to live aboard the ship. The goliath, embracing his new freedom and accepting a life of privateering against those who had oppressed him chose the name Solvo, and vowed loyalty to Ondine and the others who had saved him. Sol quickly took to guarding Ondine’s daughter Mara, as they were close in age and similar in soul. The two grew up as siblings, and would eventually become the inheritors of Valkur’s Strike.

Prior to her appointment as Captain of The Strike, Mara developed a penchant for music. She found comfort in the lyricism of song, and power in the rhythm of a drum. She quickly realized that her talents had certain effects on the people around her. She began using music to disguise her true intentions, and found that it was especially affective on the drunken pirates in and around Luskan. Protected by the then 20 year old Sol, Mara took to the streets of Luskan as a bard, using her music to manipulate people into feeding her information.

After successfully captaining Valkur’s Strike for nearly 30 years, Ondine chose to pass on her authority to Mara so that she could retire on Ruathym to live and work with her youngest daughter, Isla. Mara named Solvo her second in command, and together they worked to maintain stability in the Sea of Swords, keeping a close eye on Luskan in particular.

5 years after her appointment as captain of The Strike, Mara and her brother Solvo had cemented their reputation as the eyes and ears of the sword coast. Together they gathered information by posing as performers on the streets of Luskan, Neverwinter, and Waterdeep. Stability and balance of power among pirates and smugglers was maintained by their efforts, not by force but through careful filtration of information. Mara and Sol made it their mission to obtain and distribute their findings in a way that prevented the dominance of any one monopolistic power. While overlooking the trade of exotic goods among other unsavory things, the one thing they never tolerated was slavery.

Having grown up on board Valkur’s Strike, Mara and Sol were greatly respected among their crew members with the exception of one man. Scylla, a portly and unobtrusive human who had served for years under the authority of Ondine had grown to resent Mara and her ex-slave brother. For years he had worked as navigator of the ship, and for years he had expected recognition for his skill in the form of leadership. When he was overlooked for the position of Captain he began in secret to search for ways to make the ship his own. Opportunity struck when he was contacted by a man who promised to give him Valkur’s Strike in exchange for his loyalty and the death of its current captain. Scylla, knowing little more than greed didn’t hesitate to provide the man with coordinates that could be used to intercept the ship.

The Valkur’s Strike was on its way back from a journey to the Maelstrom, where they had been gathering information about a missing trade ship. During the trip they encountered a water genasi named Cottus who was interested in obtaining passage to the mainland. On the way back, they spotted a ship on the horizon headed in their direction. Upon seeing it’s flag, several of the older crew members exchanged confused glances. The flag, Mara was told, had not been seen for nearly 20 years. It’s captain had gone missing two decades before, when Ondine was still captain of the Strike. Mara had heard his name before, but had assumed him dead long ago.


Mara Llyr

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