Lord Peridin Drysdale

Human Paladin of Erathis, Leader of Starfall Keep


Drysdale stands just over 6 feet tall, with gray hair and tanned battle-scarred skin. He has gray eyes and sports a neatly-trimmed goatee. He is rarely seen without his armor, despite spending the majority of his time handling administrative duties.


The ruler of Starfall Keep, Lord Drysdale is a nearly 50-year-old human paladin of Erathis. In his old age, Drysdale has decided to settle down while continuing to do what good he can. He sees the keep as a seed that, with the right attention, can bloom into a gleaming bastion of civilization. He dreams of amassing enough warriors to draw settlers and merchants to the region. In time, he hopes to defeat the evil of the Chaos Scar and turn the entire region into a civilized realm. Don’t let his age fool you, as he is more skilled with a longsword than any other warrior in the keep, and he single-handedly slew two of the Blades in combat when storming the keep earlier this year.

While he is a goodly man, he has little patience for those who do not follow orders, and cannot comprehend why anyone would want to live their life in anything but strict accordance of the law. This is a complete departure from the lax “rule” of the Keep’s previous leaders, the Six Blades of Fortune. Although morally questionable at best, they cared little for what the townsfolk of Starfall Keep did so long as they paid their taxes. It is clear to anyone visiting Starfall that these different philosophies of leadership have lead to some tension in the Keep.

Lord Drysdale spends the majority of his time with Corporal Fallek in the Inner Bailey overseeing the training of his soldiers, while leaving most of the responsibilities of the Outer Bailey’s mercenary troops to Sergeant Blackoak and Kendon Longstrider. He will occasionally accompany his troops on forays into the Scar, but he has found that the responsibilities of ruling leave him very little time for such adventuring. Short of signing the occasional document or pressing his signet ring into a wax seal, Drysdale leaves the bulk of the Keep’s clerical duties to his most trusted advisor and second-in-command Elessan Giantsbane, an Elven cleric of Erathis. Elessan also advises him on military strategy. Together with Content Not Found: syradon-1, these two “paper-pushers” handle the day-to-day operations of the Keep.

Lord Peridin Drysdale

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