Shield Wall

The Shield Wall was constructed by, and named for, the shield dwarves of Mirabar. It was built in order to contain the evil forces that had begun amassing near the meteor crater years earlier.

In the first years after the meteor’s impact, none of the major cities of the North considered it their responsibility to deal with, as it did not present any immediate threat to their people. However, after rumors began to spread of an increasing mass of monsters and evil humanoids gathering in the valley, the three major civilizations of the North, the humans of Neverwinter, the Iliyanbruen elves of Neverwinter Wood, and the Dwarves of Mirabar, forged a temporary alliance to combat the hordes.

After nearly a year of intense fighting, the Northern armies were finally able to push the enemy back all the way to the very rim of the crater. However, the closer they were pushed to the crater’s epicenter, the more fiercely and ferociously they fought. The alliance was forced to retreat further back into the valley, accepting the ground they had gained as victory enough.

The group wasted no time in beginning work on a wall encompassing the mouth of the valley. While the Mirabarran dwarves worked feverishly to construct the wall, the elves used their spells to magically speed up the process, while the humans of Neverwinter took care of transporting the necessary supplies from quarries as far away as the Sword Mountains.
Even with all of the magical assistance, constant skirmishes with remaining scattered enemy forces slowed construction efforts, and it took nearly a year to complete the nearly-50-mile-long wall.

Construction of a fortified keep to guard the sole entrance to the Chaos Scar, named Starfall Keep, followed immediately afterward. It was agreed that the outpost would be manned by members from each of the nation-states. Unfortunately, as other threats arose among each of the representative nations, they began the steady withdrawal of their soldiers home until eventually, the keep was completely abandoned.

The Shield Wall is a testament to the strength of combined forces of the North, but unfortunately after nearly 200 years of neglect, constant assaults by the reemerging creatures of the Scar, and the waning of the elven wards, it has become merely a shadow of it’s former self.

Shield Wall

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