Mount Hotenow

The volcanic Mount Hotenow is situated to the northeast of the city of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast North, deep in Neverwinter Wood. It is the source of heat that warms the Neverwinter River to the point where it never freezes over, even in the heart of winter (hence the city’s name).

In 1451 DR, the volcano unexpectedly and violently erupted, almost completely destroying the nearby city of Neverwinter. There is much speculation as to what caused the volcano, but no official cause has been agreed upon. Some believe it was a natural event, some the result of some primordial creature’s wrath, and others an event caused by some nefarious outside group.

Since then, the volcano can still be seen glowing red on the horizon on clear nights, and the occasional tremor still causes disturbances in the Chaos Scar, rousing monsters from their caverns and causing the residents of Starfall Keep to shake in fear that the very walls of the Keep might come down around them.


Mount Hotenow

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