Symon Rowe

Innkeeper of The Mighty Oak and unofficial mayor of Briarwood.


Somewhere in his forties, Symon is a tall, barrel-chested human with light brown hair and an impressive mustache. He recently cut off much of his previously-long hair after it was singed badly in a fire during a battle to defend Briarwood. Although he takes his duties as the mayor of Briarwood quite seriously, he has a friendly demeanor, a booming laugh, and is rarely seen without a smile.


Symon was once a resident of Starfall Keep, but he grew less and less comfortable living under the “protection” of the less-than-honorable Six Blades of Fortune. In 1476, he and several dozen others left to form the village of Briarwood. What started as a few hovels amid a copse of trees then is now a sturdy farming village and frequent stopping point for travelers along the Chaos Road. Through no efforts of his own, Symon was appointed as the village’s unofficial mayor. Although Symon argued that the town doesn’t even have so much as a charter to support such a position, the villagers insisted on it.

In addition to his duties as mayor, which largely consist of settling trade disputes between Starfall Keep and Briarwood, Symon also runs The Mighty Oak, the only inn in town, along with his daughter Anya. Few know much about Symon’s past before Starfall, but it is common knowledge that his wife died in childbirth, and those who have seen him wield that great cudgel of his have little doubt that he was clearly once a warrior of some great skill. While he tolerates the occasional barfight, everyone in town knows that once he walks over to the hearth and picks up that club, the time for fighting is over.

After the party helped defend the town of Briarwood, he assured them they were welcome to stay at his inn free of coin for as long as they wished. He feels especially indebted to Ser Aracyn Narys, who pulled him from the flames of a goblin’s firebomb.

Symon Rowe

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