A Wilden Druid. Presumed dead.


Physical Appearance:
Echo is 6’ tall and weighs around 175 lbs. As a Wilden, her skin resembles bark, and her hair appears to be an assortment of vines, twigs, and leaves.

As Wilden age, their bodies move through the seasons. As a relatively young Wilden, Echo maintains the colors of Spring, with her bark an earthy brown and her “hair” a vibrant green.

Within each wilden lies nature’s spirit and all can manifest this spirit in different aspects. Each aspect triggers a transformation. reflecting the purpose for which the Wilden were created. When Echo assumes the aspect of the ancients, her eyes and leaves turn white. When she is in the aspect of the destroyer, jagged spurs break through her skin and her eyes darken to black. The hunter’s aspect camouflages her body with green and brown patterns, while her eyes take on an emerald color.

Primary Equipment:

  • +1 Hunting Beast Hide Armor
  • +1 Shepherd’s Totem
  • Club
  • Ritual Book
    -Animal Messenger
    -Create Campsite
    -Tree Form

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Echo was born in a portion of the Feywild defiled by the Far Realm. She emerged from the dying plant life at the edges of the defilement, where she was discovered by an Eladrin collecting firewood. The club she fights with is the same one she was found clutching that day, though now it has been carved with the likeness of a fox head, a representation of the animal spirit within her.

Echo sacrificed her life to prevent a mad sorcerer from corrupting the Feywild with a Chaos Shard. She was last seen plummeting into a pit of lava, along with the sorcerer and the Shard.


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