A Water Genasi Bladesinger.


My thoughts on my appearance and personality:
My name is Cottus, I am 25 years old and stand at 5’11" and weigh between 170 to 180 pounds depending on how I have been eating, which is rather average for a Genasi. I was born with the manifestation of a Watersoul, as such my skin has a sea-foam green hue and my hair, an oddity of Watersouls, is short and aquamarine in color. The szuldar, markings unique to my people are a bright blue color and streak along my whole body and glow as the color of water with the sun shining through it. My eyes are a grey but I have been told when seen they sometimes look the color of a storm out at sea, dark and angry. Due to my heritage I I prefer colder and damp climates so longer exposure to heat causes me to perspire more than human would, which at times is rather annoying. Though I don’t really hear it myself I have been told my voice is lower and sounds muffled as if someone were underwater, yet I know not what that means.

I don’t understand the fascination with knowing so much of someone you will never meet but I have been told it’s key that I explain how I think and feel. I should start with my “personality”, as a genasi I am proud and unique. No two of us look alike and because of that I know that I am one of a kind. Maybe it has caused me to be arrogant especially to those of other races who claim to be sea faring but I have that right. Personally, I feel that I am a calm individual who prefers to just swim and relax in the depths, yet occasionally I can be riled up and have been known to exercise my wrath. A rather fun past-time of mine would be playing tricks on those who travel on the surface ships, convincing them they are haunted or of imminent monster attack is quite amusing.

I’d say that’s quite enough.

Primary Equipment:

  • +1 Frost Khopesh
  • +1 Amulet of Physical Resolve
  • +1 Magic Leather Armor
    -Rain Cloak



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