Welcome to the Chaos Scar


The Chaos Scar is a ruined valley where a massive meteor struck over 300 years ago. Soon after, the meteor began attracting evil creatures from all walks of life. Eventually, a great battle was had between these evil forces and the nearby goodly nations. The battle raged for a year, and with no clear victory in sight, a magical wall was constructed to hold the monsters at bay.


In the centuries since the great battle, the evil influence emanating from the meteor has waxed and waned, but never fully disappeared. Recently, an ambitious paladin of Erathis named Lord Drysdale has made it his mission to vanquish the evil once and for all…

Each of you has come to the Chaos Scar for different reasons. Some for duty. Some for revenge. And some simply to escape the past. Whatever your motivations, your actions here will determine the fate of all those who dwell in the shadow of the Shattered Mountain, and perhaps even the fate of the entire northern region.

With Starfall Keep seeming as good a place as any to start your journey, you soon set out into the Chaos Scar, not knowing what adventures, or what horrors, might await you in the mist-enshrouded valley…


The Chaos Scar

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